Mentoring programmes used to be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and  expensive but now the risks of mentoring are that mentor platforms are so accessible that they offer an instant mentoring approach:

i.e. 'three clicks and become a mentor' or 'become a mentor in 60 seconds'.

We believe that mentoring programmes should place humans a the heart of the process of mentoring and that with reciprocal mentoring, everyone can learn from each other. Actually, we believe this goes a step further and people should receive the 'supportive challenge' of others as they explore how best to apply what they know to improve themselves personally, professionally and improve their company.

That's why we designed XSectorMentor programmes working with companies to build a unique mentor platform for companies to start and scale mentoring.

Our Foundation programme allows companies to start their own in-company mentor programme. This is an  integrated platform with online, on demand training modules for mentors and mentees, progressive dashboards, and reporting.

Our Advanced programme enables companies to integrate unique psychometrics, customisable evaluations, live virtual mentor training from an ILM approved training centre, and detailed reporting features, all of which progress high quality mentor practice. The opportunity to connect participants within the XSectorMentor community to share knowledge and ideas and truly engage and retain their people, is the next level.

Tosin Ogunlesi
Mentorship Lead
Director of BPS

XSectorMentor - 'Tech for Good' award 2022/23 by Black Professionals Scotland

As an organisation which has career development of Black Professionals in Scotland at the core of why we exist, we are please to partner with XSectorMentor; who will power our Mentorship programme and ensure that our members, both students and progressionals get the mentoring they need to continue to aspire to great heights.

XSectorMentor places people at the core of a technology-enabled development programme, optimised by a pioneering new approach to mentoring, networking and business improvement. 

I was looking for someone who was receptive and open to challenge and support in equal measure, and I think those things go hand in hand when you are mentoring or being mentored

To challenge your way of thinking, challenge you on your perspective, and play devil’s advocate. It’s really refreshing to have that, as I don’t think a lot of us challenge ourselves enough

Lorraine Carruthers and
Susan McDonald

Rewards Training

Together with Andrew and the XSectorMentor (XSM) founding companies, we have designed highly practical and challenging development tools for all participants regardless of their level of skill and ability in Mentoring.

These virtual courses will develop individuals becoming XSM Mentors and we look forward to supporting them on this journey

Connect. Share. Develop.

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