Mentoring solves puzzles

What are the key people puzzles that companies need to solve?

When we designed the programme and platform, we engaged with 8 founding companies to ensure our programme was designed ‘for companies, by companies’. Our objective was to create a must-have mentoring tool that would drive the future success of their companies.

What they shared with us were the following puzzles for which reciprocal mentoring was a solution:

  • Connect your people beyond your siloed and isolated company bubble
  • Allow your people to learn without leaving your company, and build organisational capability
  • Develop your people by extending professional networks and communities
  • Exchange wisdom between people and companies for a shared benefit and in a safe space
  • Level up opportunities for people to be part of mentoring regardless of their background, the size of their company, or their sector

XSectorMentor is the global, virtual mentor programme that connects professionals from across all sectors and professions to share knowledge and ideas and develop professionally.

We train all our mentors to listen, support, advise, challenge and encourage because that increases the likelihood your people will be more satisfied and engaged both personally and professionally. As a result mentoring creates a better company that they are less likely to leave and more likely to commit to, and drive forward.

If you share a purpose to learn and grow as a company and with engaged, motivated people, you need a solution that will allow you to Connect, Share and Develop.

Lorraine Carruthers and
Susan McDonald

Rewards Training

Together with Andrew and the XSectorMentor (XSM) founding companies, we have designed highly practical and challenging development tools for all participants regardless of their level of skill and ability in Mentoring.

These virtual courses will develop individuals becoming XSM Mentors and we look forward to supporting them on this journey

Connect. Share. Develop.

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