XSectorMentor is the ABC of mentoring


XSM is available to all your employees and extend to all those associated with your company, whether that’s volunteers, Trustees or Non-Executive Directors.

As such, it is inclusive, diverse and accessible.


XSM extends your reach beyond company, professional and sector boundaries.

XSM connect professionals to share knowledge, ideas and develop professionally, on a global scale.


Choice means being mentee-led.

Mentees select their mentor using our unique compatibility assessment powered by proven psychometrics.

Gone are the days of administrative-heavy, time-consuming and costly mentor programmes. 

We use a simple 3 step process comprising a registration for companies and participants that includes a unique profile builder and self assessment, prior to matching with the best choice of mentor for mentees and a supported, confidential mentor process.

Insights and Metrics are available throughout but always confidentially.

Our community-based approach encourages a reciprocal relationship between companies and professionals and connects our global business community in a virtual setting regardless of sector, profession or company.

As a partner organisation of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and in following the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Practice framework (ISMCP), we advocate the highest standards of mentoring.

Nik Plevan

Founder/CEO eTalent

At eTalent we are delighted to be helping the XSectorMentor programme assess the compatibility of mentors and mentees by bringing the power of psychometrics to the matching process.

Our innovative software is well-established for recruitment and we are excited to be part of this pioneering programme.

Connect. Share. Develop.

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