Andrew Penker

Founder, XSectorMentor

Welcome to our global mentor community.  Our purpose is to create a psychological safe space for professionals from across a range of professions and sectors, to connect, share knowledge and ideas, and develop professionally.  This is about providing opportunities that enable all types of professionals to mentor each other regardless of their background, age or stage of their career.

Professional coaching has a place but has for too long been expensive, rationed, and the reserve of large corporations.  Mentors who are professionals, who are trained and apply a strong coaching approach, are now accessible to companies of all sizes and sectors.

Mentoring made easy.


For companies starting their own company mentor programme

Mentor software platform with technology that enables companies to manage mentor programmes with low administration, investment, and resources

£95 +VAT per participant


For companies progressing to a fully optimised mentoring experience.

Mentor programme comprising co-branded platform, psychometrics, reporting, and live, virtual training from an ILM approved training provider

£195 +VAT per participant

Mentor programme platform

Learning Styles Assessment
Shortlist and Matching
On-demand training
Company dashboards & Reporting
Evaluations (Polls)
Account Management
System support
Programme Oversight
Launch Support
Co-branded platform-
Compatibility Assessment (Psychometric)-
Mentor & Mentee reports-
Evaluations (Polls) - customised-
Extended Reporting suite-
Account Management - extended-

Mentor Training sessions (with Options):

1hr Mentor Training session£300 +VAT-
1 x 0.5day Mentor Training session£995 +VAT
Additional 0.5 day Mentor training session£995 +VAT£995 +VAT
Quarterly Mentor supervision session-£400 +VAT
Preferential rate certification coursesAvailableAvailable
Mentee briefings£200 +VAT
Networking events£50 +VAT per event

Why shouldn't a lawyer be mentored by a Vet, or a Charity director by an Accountant, or a Surgeon by a Custom Service Advisor?

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